This is me, Alia; a lost soul searching for my next adventure! I’m travelling the world not only to look for my next home but also to quench my insatiable thirst for travelling. I live for new experiences and learning about new cultures and history.

I’m An International! I confuse everyone!

If you ask me where I’m from it will take a good 10 minutes for me to explain, here is the quick version I recite to anyone I meet in a hostel: I’m a Kenyan of Indian decent, I lived in Austria for 10 years, went to University in Sheffield UK, have a British passport but an American accent. Oh and for the last 3 years I’ve been working in Bahrain as a Landscape Architect.

Stumbling from Country to Country

After my job in Bahrain came to an end, I decided to take the chance to travel for 6 months (the number increases month to month). I have been travelling the world since March 2016 in a haphazard pattern going where my fancy takes me; Oman, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Malta, UK, Amsterdam, Belgium and the US. Next I head to Peru and perhaps onto a couple more countries, I’m just going with the flow. So if you’re interested in hearing about the ramblings of a solo female traveler as she travels without much planning and plenty of lessons learnt, then this is the blog for you! My blog will most likely be lessons of both what to do and what not to do.

I hope you will be sufficiently entertained, inspired and slightly scared for me as I somehow make it out of each country alive.

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