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Why you should take a Delayed Gap Year

For some people, like me, they didn’t have the opportunity to take a gap year when students hop onto the travel train instead of career train. I didn’t have the funds to pursue this and needed a job. I felt at the time that I was missing out of this right of passage to spread my wings  and satisfy my taste for adventure.  Little did I know that 5 years later I would get that opportunity to take a gap year in my late 20s. I never thought that you could really take a year off when you’re starting your career, but why the hell not?! I was given the ideal situation to take a career break; time to re-set my life while travelling.  Life is too short to let anything or anyone (especially yourself) hold you back!

5 Benefits of a Gap Year in your Late 20s

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Oh Man, Oman! Part 1

Having traveled to many countries I have to say that Oman is a country that truly surprised and impressed me with its varied landscapes, incredible history and some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. If you want to see the representation of Arab culture as seen in movies then you have to come to Oman. You will see some of the best examples of Arabic architecture, Forts (on every hill), Arabian Desert landscapes, bustling Souks (markets), Wadis, incredible mountains and modern Arabic extravagance in the 5 star hotels that dot the country.

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